Co-creating circles of togetherness

Virtual Ritual and Dance Circles

Feel deeply supported and become embodied medicine

Join me for 90-minutes of tending, caring and letting our full human-ness be good and welcome. 

We'll co-create a ritual to hold and support us. Rituals that will act as touchstones of remembering the wise medicine we can lean on. Rituals to reconnect to a sense of togetherness as we gently move with the circle's topic/theme.

We'll connect to our elders in spirit to create loving, sacred containers. We'll allow their trust, resilience, and stability to nourish and care for what's true within us.

After each ritual, we'll allow our bodies to move in deep harmony and consent with what's most alive for us - the tender, the wild, the confusion, the overwhelm. All of it is welcome and honored here.

(There will be about 40 - 45 minutes of meditation + journeying, 40 minutes of possible movement. Know that there's no have-to's here. Feel free to do whatever feels possible and right for you during the movement section - this is not just for able-bodied people. Everyone is welcome. No prior experience needed.)

Sliding scale pricing: $10-$25



Full Spectrum Heart Healing



You are queer enough

More info coming soon
More info coming soon