Making Grief Touchable


a FREE experience for tender hearts

Jan 25-Feb 2, 2019 

Hi tender hearted soul.

Have your grief, your loss, your sorrow been feeling really abstract, surreal and intangible?

Have you felt lost, stuck or alienated in your own life because of that?

Then this soft invitation to tending to your grief is for you.

Grief often isolates, it can create feelings of alienation, of being a stranger and not belonging in our own lives and bodies.

It can feel untouchable, like this strange, invisible presence in our lives that sends us into a cycle of numbing, of dissociating because it's too much chaos and not enough tender care.

I believe that we are all deserving of exquisite, loving and tender care during these seasons of our lives.

This is why I created these invitations, this 9 day journey to deeper self compassion and embodied care.

This isn't a "challenge", it's not another thing that adds noise to your to do list but 9 gentle pathways into softness,

into alchemy, into magic and into tending to your sorrow.

It's an invitation into healing in sacred, shared space in doable, imperfect, human ways.

In this 9 day FREE experience you'll get:

+ daily invitations delivered into your inbox

+ a private facebook community to share and connect in

+ a magic container and sacred space to tend to your sorrows

+ tools and practices you can use over and over again to guide the way

Sign up below and softly dive in.

P.S. After signing up, you'll receive a welcome email that contains all the invitations that have already been sent out. If you don't see it anywhere, please check your spam or junk folder. If you still can't find it anywhere, please email me at By signing up you're also agreeing to receiving love notes from me once to twice a month. I promise, no spam ever X

This is me: Hi, I'm Lisa Nagel.


always looking for ways to be even more fully human in the world. 

My work centers around believing that healing is possible, that our hearts can heal from the deepest sorrows and pains and that now is the best time to begin - softly. Tenderly. Without feeling like you need to rush or do this perfectly.


I work with wild, sensitive souls who believe in magic. In the wild and tender times of the heart. In aliveness and truth. In deep love, connection and togetherness. I believe in those things too.


My dearest wish is that you feel less alone, less stressed to do this (life, grief, magic) perfectly and more capable of healing what's wild and tender within you.

I trust in human-ness, in the alchemy of grief, in the softness of summer mornings and in conjuring all the magic forces and healing practices possible when we’re committed to healing ourselves. 

Looking forward to being together during this free experience.


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