A space to help you tend to your ancestral body and your nervous system during this time.

Attune to the nuances of your humanness and explore what it means to be in harmony and consent to your most tender expression right now.

In these sessions, we will co-create a space of deep reverence, curiosity, and care in which we follow your body's wisdom and impulses. During our time together, we will hold space and reconnect to the blueprint of health that is always present within each and every body no matter what has happened or how long we've been disconnected from it.

We will attune to possible sensations of flight/fight/freeze/fawn and use somatic practices of all kinds (softening, holding ourselves, connecting the mystery to the body, breathing, intentional movements, and loving awareness) with the intention to help restore a little more safety, softness and here-ness to the body. 

We will work in full harmony with your pace, your rhythm, your window of tolerance.

*Once you sign up, you'll be prompted to fill out a short questionnaire that will help me learn a bit more about you before our first session).

Duration: 60 minutes

Sliding Scale Pricing: $66-$111

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