Is the mystery of life speaking to you?

Sometimes you need to plug back into the mystical, the magical - into wise possibility and the energetic bodies of your life in its current state to realign, reconnect and know that you are supported and held.

The path unfolds, unhurried -

right on time. 

I believe that card and energy readings can help us shed a light on the unseen forces that are at work in our lives. It can reveal what's dark, hidden or unknown and support us in gaining clarity as we move forward on our path. 

It's a tool for unearthing the wisdom that lives within our bodies, our souls and to point us in the right direction. The big magic isn't the card or energy reading in itself, it's what's been set free, what's been brought to light, what's been called in to heal on a deeper lever. It's the practices and sacred rituals that are included in each reading or session. 

A reading and visioning session is a 60-minute tune in into what is currently happening (or not yet happening but deeply wished for) in your life. You’ll be able to ask questions (nothing is off limits) and receive guidance, perspective and magical practices for all the different areas of your life.​

It's rich with guidance and detailed information about the different forces at work in the different areas of your life. It can help you find clarity and understand and see your current situation from the perspective of the Divine. 


We'll be able to tune into your fears, what is standing between where you are right now and what you're deeply dreaming of and how you can best navigate from this place forward. 

Readings and Visioning Sessions


New clients: $197

Returning clients: $155

Love from clients


Oh my goodness, Lisa - this was absolutely incredible!! I had tears in my eyes (the good kind!) at several points during the session, and felt that the reading was exactly what I needed.


Your readings are always such a comfort to me and your presence has this amazing way of making me feel like everything is going to be ok, even when I'm so tempted to let anxiety and fear take the lead - thanks for always making me feel truly seen.


WOW! Yet another powerful reading. I'm continually blown away by the simplicity and power of your video readings. They're just the medicine I'm needing right now and one of the best things I've ever received!​

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot convey my gratitude and appreciation.

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