Why you keep getting stuck + the Divine wisdom of it all

For as long as I can remember, I've been deeply attuned to the inner workings of getting stuck and being stuck. Growing up I was somehow magically attracted to getting myself into all kinds of situations that left me in that weird "can't go back, can't go forward" place. It was like I was subconsciously seeking those situations and places that left my mind, body, heart - and life feeling stuck.

Stuck became comfortable - too comfortable at times. A couple of years ago I began questioning why I was so drawn to being or getting stuck. There are several things that I realized that have helped me navigate these tights spaces of stuck-ness over the years.


Stuck can be a sign of inherited trauma and that your ancestry needs healing, needs care. That there are core wounds and imprints that are setting you up on this path of getting stuck over and over again. 


There’s something for you there. Something for you to see. Something that wants to be seen by you. Something for you to hear and something that wants to be heard. Something that needs your attention and your care.


You’re coming back to this same place over and over again because you’re here to experience yourself deeper, wider, wilder - wiser. Getting stuck is your invitation to embrace your full human self. The shadow and the light.


This is a wide-open space for awareness. What gets you here? What feels familiar? What about it do you know? Does this pattern/cycle live anywhere else in your family?


You’re being invited to reclaim whole self-acceptance. When we’re stuck we meet the “shadow” part of ourselves. The uncomfortable, the parts that feel ugh - that make you want to run. Turn around and lovingly gaze into the dark and see what happens.


This is your specific training ground for growing your capacity (I feel like capacity is becoming such a buzz word, or maybe it’s just me?!). Growing your capacity means that you can be with and experience things on a deeper level to a fuller extent.


This is the time to reach out and ask for the help and support you need. This can be reaching out to a therapist, a coach or a guide. Or this could mean connecting to your ancestors, to God, the Universe and asking for help from the Divine. Sometimes getting stuck over and over again is what it takes for us to recognize that we want to be supported.

So what do you do with all of this? Maybe you allow yourself to lean in softly, slowly and with care. Maybe you remember that you have options about what you make this stuckness mean. Maybe you are ready to heal the core imprints and wounds around the need to get stuck in a holistic way. 

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