What's your smallest, doable connection point?

I haven't taken as many moments to connect with my ancestors and the earth as I usually do.

I can feel a shift when there's not enough magic, not enough connecting and togetherness happening in my life - it's that quiet longing that returns to my heart. Longing for more soft togetherness and simple ways of belonging. 

So today as I was walking through the forest early in the morning, I whispered to the winds - what's the smallest doable connection point here? 

The wind whispered back: Let your ancestors support your rest. Let them see you off into dreamland. Ask for guidance to be made visible in your dreams whenever you need to. You don't have to work so hard. 

Mmmh, my heart immediately recognized these words as a way to remember and tonight I'll begin speaking soft words of gratitude as I drift off to sleep - I can't wait.

My simple question for you this week: 

What's your smallest doable connection point, right here and now?

Connection point to yourself, your ancestors, support, nature?

You are loved,

X Lisa