They're right here with you.

I’m checking back into the online world and normal life routines after getting back from vacation two days ago. It was blissful to be out of reach for two weeks and I’m feeling recharged and renewed. There was mostly lots of reading, hiking, relaxing in the hammock, eating good food, exploring charming old towns and cities and watching the sunset every night. I saw tons of scorpions, snakes and wild boars. And oh all the stars!

One evening I was walking through the olive orchard and I had this deeply embodied sense of my ancestors walking right next to me. Their love for me felt so evident and visible in everything around me, so after I got back from my little walk I wrote this little thing - a reminder for all of us that our ancestors are everywhere and that we don’t have to look very far to see and feel them near.

Our ancestors live here...

Our ancestors live in the gentle birdsong early in the morning. In the wise stars at night. In the wild evening summer skies. The fog at dawn and the clouds rolling in like waves at the beach. They live in the first kindling of a winter fire. In song. And ceremony. In a breath of fresh air. The mundane AND the special. A glass of water. A field of sunflowers turning towards the sun. 

They live in the steady ground beneath our feet. In the gibbon's moon. They live in the cycles of this earth. In the dreaming. Planting. Tending to. In the harvest and bountiful feast. They live in the cold northern wind. In crystalline snow. In the moving and the standing still. In waiting rooms. And airport lounges. In music. Instrument and a melody. In the giggle of a beloved. 

They live in the miles we travel to get from one place to the next. In the stones ancient to this earth. In parades and gatherings. In the loneliness of sorrow. In the food we eat. The water we drink. In the purpose that is pulling at our heartstrings. In the medicine that is our individual life. In the quiet giving and the loud and proud sharing. They live in kisses and romance. In hugs that feel like home. In forever and here and now. In you. And me. 

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