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Our ancestors are not afraid.

How's your heart beating? Your body integrating all of that is happening in the world? I've been having moments of exhaustion this week, of deep hopefulness and of learning new ways to be with all of this.

I've been taking lots of quiet moments in between work things, and news things, and social media to connect with my ancestors.

Connecting with them has been one of the most comforting things for me during this time. There's a steadiness, a resilience that arrives in my body whenever I'm in their presence. A sense of bravery and acceptance for all that I'm feeling.

Our ancestors know what this is like, they were alive during hardships, turmoil, during famines and global pandemics that changed their lives (and therefore ours) forever.

I spoke to one of my ancestors on Monday and she told me: "We are not afraid."

Our oldest, wise, ancient ancestors are not afraid because they know that we'll get to the other side. It's uncertain what the other side will look like and what it might feel like, but there's certainty that there will be another side to all of this.

Getting to the other side might require a lot of us. It might require us to learn to lovingly hold each other from a distance. It might require us to grow deeper roots into the earth and reach for the cosmos above. It might require us to return to old, ancient rhythms of being. It might require us to be braver than ever before.

This felt like such a relief to hear - my ancestors aren't afraid. Yours aren't either. This doesn't mean that we're not allowed to be scared or anxious about what is to come but it creates a space for us to come to, return to whenever we need to fill up our inner wells with resilience and support (and maybe a bit of hope too).

In the wild mystery together X

P.S. You're invited to the virtual ancestral ritual and dance circles that are happening once a week.