Getting to know the Mother Wound

Getting to know the Mother Wound

I'm writing to you from my couch, the sun warming my back and creating dancing shadows on my floor. I'm sinking into the quiet space within as I'm opening the space to share about the mother wound today. 

The mother wound can be our very own personal mother wound - the one we have with our mothers - or it can be the wound that many womxn (and those who identified as one) in our lineages have experienced and have passed down to us.

Some of the ways the mother wound manifests itself might feel familiar to you, and some might help you connect dots that you didn't know needed connecting. Almost all the big and small things we're struggling with can be connected to either the mother or father wound - and often times it can feel like sweet relief for the mind to have clarity around where our challenges might be coming from.

A short note before we dive in - the mother/father wound doesn't have to refer to the gender of the wound but the energetics of the wound as we all carry feminine/masculine energies within.

There are so many nuances in which the mother wound might manifest herself and show up in your life, below are some of the big and small ones that felt like they wanted to be shared here today. 

Acknowledging and seeing yourself in one, some or many of these can be the first step towards healing this wound. 

You might be experiencing the mother wound if... have a hard time receiving. Receiving money, abundance, nourishment, care and support from others. never or very rarely feel filled up or like you have enough - you feel malnourished (spiritually, emotionally, physically) and like you're constantly starving. feel guilty, overwhelmed, frustrated or all over the place when it comes to taking care of yourself. struggle with birthing projects, babies, relationships or other big desires have the urge to abandon projects, people, relationships mid-launch, midway - when things are just getting started. You feel like you want to run, disappear and hide from the world. don't know how or when to let go of what must die and have a hard time trusting the end of things. feel unsafe when it comes to intimacy - especially when someone comes close to your heart.'re having a hard time when it comes to boundaries. You either don't have any or have a hard time maintaining them because you've been taught to be "good". Or you believe that you must have impenetrable boundaries to not get hurt. feel distrusting in the process of life.'re either in a state of needing to take care of everyone around you, or have fear around being the care taker of someone and someone depending on you.

I deeply believe that on the other side of the mother wound  lives the mother gift.

Lives possibility and an inherent ease when it comes to receiving and giving and being in natural flow with the cycles and rhythms of life. Creative expression blossoms here from a deep inner well of knowing and trusting yourself and the world around you. Intimacy is another way of caring for yourself as you move in alignment with you heart into birthing and nourishing your desires to life. 

If any of this vibrates with truth for you, feels tender and/or you're hearing a quiet whisper that calls you to this work - I'd love to connect on a free, no pressure Feeler Call to see if working together might be the medicine you've been looking for. You can book yours here.

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