Healing through celebration: Midsommar Magic

Today, I wanted to share with you a few ways you can connect to your ancestors and honor the longest day of the year, because:

To heal inherited trauma we need to celebrate and honor what's already good, what's already healed in our lineages

I'm going to share a few ways to celebrate and I encourage you to move in harmony with your body and your heart - to lean in with curiosity. 

Whenever I've celebrated these kind of special holidays in the past and connected with my ancestors - a couple of hours felt like a week long vacation. I felt lush, deeply nourished and recharged and connected to all the magic.

Somewhere in each of our lineages there was someone who worshipped, honored, created ritual and magic around this date and its mythical gifts. It's a celebration of life and light, of fertility and possibility. Of growth and creation. 

Possible ways to celebrate and connect to your ancestors:

1. Bodyful Nature Walk. Taking 20 minutes to be outside, to be with nature wherever you are in whatever way is accessible to you and feeling into the sensations in your body. How do your feet feel as they touch the grass, sand, forest floor? How does it feel when the wind gently touches your face? How does it feel to touch the tree, the shell, the plants around you? As you notice and tune into your body's experience, connect to the fact that your ancestors have walked this earth - that they've touched and have been touched by the beauty and terror of Mama Earth. How does that feel to know that?

2. Flower Crowns or Plant Wreaths. Create a flower crown or plant wreath and wear them for a while to honor the inherent sacredness of yourself. If you're using wildflowers (which is my favorite way of doing it), please move in consent with the plants/flowers you're using and ask for permission before picking your beauties. If you're using any wire and want to return the plants back to the earth afterwards, please remove all wire or plastic (Mama Earth loves you!)

3. Dance to Your Ancestor's Song. Find a playlist or song from your ancestor's culture and allow yourself to move with your body's natural rhythm to these ancient songs. If you're unsure or don't know where exactly your ancestors are from, experiment with different kinds of folk music and see how your body and your heart feel as they listen. I usually get goosebumps when the music is hitting that spot of connection. 

4. Write a Letter of Gratitude. You are wanted and deeply loved by your ancestors. What would it feel like to know that your ancestors want to support you, want to help you resolve your inherited trauma and move into fields of liberation and joy? What would it feel like to know that your ancestors have done all that they could in hopes that one day you would be here, walking on this earth?  If you want, write a short or long letter of gratitude to the ancient, wise ancestors (especially if the remembered dead - you parents, grandparents, great grandparents feel hard and troubled).

I can't wait to spend some time with my beloved ancestors on Friday and connect and celebrate with them. I encourage you to join in with your ancestors - maybe especially if the connection to those who came before you has been feeling hard or severed.  

Sending many midsommar blessings your way!

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