Know that it's possible for you

This weekend, I really really got this thing that I've experienced in my own life and that I'm now seeing unfold and resolve in my clients' lives. 

It's the connection between self worth, self love, and inherited trauma.

Just for a moment, imagine and visualize all the women and men in your lineages who over the course of their lifetimes, throughout centuries, experienced deep wounds around worthiness. Maybe they were told that they were not enough, that they were bad, that they were useless, an embarrassment and that no one would care if they lived or died. I have a sense that we all have centuries of this stuff in our lineages and in our genes.

Coming back to the present moment, here we are - trying to love ourselves fully and deeply and wholly. Trying to remember that inherent sense of worthiness everyone is talking about but we just can't do it, feel it, experience it. For so many years of my life, I was stuck in these downward spirals of "what's wrong with me, why can't I just feel that?" more times than I can count. 

Here's is what I know now, you are NOT the problem, there's nothing wrong with you if you can't access or experience a deep sense of self love and inherent worthiness. What's happening is that layers and layers of trauma, of the original wound, is covering up your access to this truth, to this gift. 

Truly, how could we know how to love ourselves? How could we know what inherent worthiness feels like, when we carry around this genetic imprint of not enoughness?

So here's a thought - a possibility - imagine what would happen if we healed these core wounds together. Imagine having centuries of healed and healthy self worth and love flowing through your blood. An inherent knowing how to love yourself, how to be there for yourself, how to trust yourself. 

What would that feel like? Wouldn't that be all the wild magic?

I'm reaching out to you from the other side - after healing these core wounds and imprints around worthiness and I want you to know that it's never been this easy to love myself fully, this deeply, this lovingly. It's never been this easy to hold myself through tender moments and to trust in the wisdom that lives within me. 

If you're feeling the tenderness of these words, a longing in your heart and belly because this is what you want to experience too, know that you're not alone. Also know that there's a way forward that doesn't involve working hard, that doesn't involve changing a thing about yourself. 

There's a new way that involves gently moving in harmony with your body to resolve these imprints on a physical level, to travel back through time to heal these core wounds at their place/time of origin and to reclaim your seat at the lush table of life - so that you can return to your natural blueprint of worthiness.  

THIS,  - this is truly what it's all about. It's about the LOVE, it's about all the TRUST, it's about experiencing wild, quiet magic of feeling safe, a sense of deep belonging just as you are. 

If this is calling to you, beloved - answer the call with curiosity and maybe a bit of bravery too. Your ancestors are ready - and so are you. Let's connect here.

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