Is your fear really yours?

Maybe you know these moments too - where fear and anxiety get the best of you. Sometimes these moments are quiet and invisible to the outside. Other times they are loud and it's impossible to tune them out.

These moments where it feels like you're moving through the world without really being part of it. Where everything feels loud and quiet all at the same time like you just can't be present - can't be here. Where your breath gets shallow, your heart begins beating fast. Where you feel stuck, frozen - where you're in an emergency response. 

Today, I want to talk to you about a couple of things that might bring relief, comfort and soothe these cycles of anxiety or fear. 

If you're new to the world of inherited trauma, here's what you need to know: We don't just inherit certain physical features and attributes, or genetic predispositions - we also inherit behavioral patterns, characteristics, and things like fear, anger, grief, and shame (want to know more about the scientific side of things? Google cherry blossom study and you'll find research that was done to support this "theory").

So today, let's talk about inherited fear and anxiety. 

Maybe you have specific areas in which your fear predominantly shows up - maybe it's your relationships, your career, your creative expression, your pleasure, and all things sexuality. Maybe it's your money, your health or your spirituality. Or maybe it's showing up as this constant hum in the background.

So how do you know whether this fear is yours or whether it really belongs to someone else? By asking this simple question: Does our fear and anxiety (in this area ___________) feel out of proportion to your life experiences?

Take a moment to check in with yourself - right now. Maybe take a deep breath, get centered, feel your feet on the ground. 

Get curious and reflect on whether there are any areas or places in your life that create anxiety or fear for you. Check in to see if the fear or anxiety you're experiencing here feels out of proportion to your life experience. 

If you're getting the sense that not all of your fear is yours, you are very likely experiencing one of the many ways in which inherited trauma can manifest itself. 

Even if we don't know the exact traumas or violations our ancestors have experienced, it is very likely that a lot of them have experienced violations and trauma - things that they were never able to resolve. Maybe they were abandoned, outcast, shunned and shamed and consequently died in isolation.

For most of human life, isolation meant death and belonging (no matter what it took to do so) meant safety, meant living. If someone did something or was perceived in a way (whether true or not) that was not acceptable they were outcast. The struggles, the challenges, the horror they experienced after being shunned created a core imprint/wound that might have been passing down from one generation to the next.  

The way you're experiencing fear might be one of the ways in which these core wounds around safety and belonging are manifesting themselves in your life.

Fear is how we stay safe. Fear is another shape that our ancestor's desire to protect us can take.

Even or maybe especially when fear doesn't feel like it's protecting you at all, but feels like shackles and a burden to live with.

There's a softness in my heart as I think of these brave men and women who came before you, who came before me - who are doing everything in their power to hold these fears in place to make sure that we are safe. There's a sense of grief there too, and a bit of anger as well. 

Grief and anger because most of us are so ready to be free. To move beyond the veils of fear. We want to be alive. To be touchable by the world. To feel present and safely  h e r e. 

What if this inherited fear is holding you back from getting there - from feeling fully alive and safe and present? 

What I know is that it is possible to heal these core imprints that have caused this anxiety all the way back through time and in the present.

But how do we heal inherited fear? 

We have to heal not only the core wound at the time and space of its origin, and we also have to tend to our nervous systems in the present through body-based care so that these emergency responses can resolve and complete themselves. 

Sometimes in order to heal these imprints of fear and anxiety, we have to be wildly brave. If you're ready to heal these inherited patterns of anxiety, I'm here to meet you with equal bravery and trust in the process. I know that this work can create miracles, big shifts that have felt impossible and I'm ready to go there with you if you're feeling called to this work.

Let's do this - together. Side by side, rooted in health and possibility. Book your free, no pressure Feeler Call to connect and feel into whether this is the right medicine for you at this time. You can book your spot here.

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