I trust your rage

I trust your rage...

...And I trust theirs too, she said to me looking at me with her wise eyes. I was deep in journeywork, deep in the mystical realms and the sacred cocoon of healing my dad’s mother’s lineage. 

It was one of those things that stuck with me. I TRUST your rage. 

In every lineage healing process I’ve been honored to witness (in my own family as well as my friends’ and clients') there comes a point of seemingly no return - where in order to heal the trauma, in order to resolve the burdens and challenges placed on our lives by the violation - we need to befriend our rage and give it a voice, and give it an embodied release.

Rage isn’t easy. All most of us know at a cellular level is that rage, or any expression of anger, is dangerous, is unsafe and so we keep quiet and end up in internalized cycles of violence. 

When all the women in our lineages have experienced this deep wounding around anger, around righteousness and expressing anything besides polite sadness, the underlying cycle and behavioral patterns that reaffirm that rage is really unsafe for us continues. 

I’m wondering as I’m writing this, what it might feel like to lean into this just a little and maybe trying on this sentence for size/feel: I trust my rage. I trust it. I trust myself in my experience and embodiment of rage.

Because here’s the truth:

Sometimes the most loving thing - the most healing thing to do for ourselves and our ancestors is to give ourselves permission to rage. To howl. To let it out. To scream. To stomp. To hit a pillow on the bed (I’ve been doing more than my fair share of this since starting ancestry work years ago). To hiss. To dance with force.

To heal these core imprints of injustice at their core (you don't have to do this alone. Let's do this together - let's connect on a free call to see if working together might be the medicine you've been looking for).