Why any kind of healing work matters so much - especially now

Healing Matters

Sometimes when I look at the world, I can feel this quiet tugging in my gut, a whisper of concern and of anxiety about what's to come. I know that if you're here, you too want to live in a world and a culture that is inclusive, peaceful, that is free and socially just, a world that is healthier than it is now, that is more awake, honoring, joyful - true. 

I believe that doing any kind of healing work helps us create the world we desire to live in, that any healing work that brings you closer to feeling deeply rooted in health, in joy, freedom and sovereignty helps us all create a world that is free, that is healthy - that is peaceful. 

Today, I want to share with you how resolving our inherited trauma and healing our ancestry can help us become safe and grounded vessels of change, of capacity and possibility. How healing what's broken, hurt, violated - under a spell - in our lineages can help us embody the health we want to see in the world. 

To better understand health at a cellular level, in our DNA, let's talk about epigenetics for a moment. Each gene has a healthy way of expressing itself - for example the genes that are responsible for managing stress express in a healthy way when they help us regulate to a neutral state after experiencing something stressful - meaning our heart rate goes back to normal, our muscles and our whole body go back into a non alert state of being and return to feeling overall relaxed. 

When someone in our lineages experienced trauma, violation, abuse, war, fear, depression, death of a beloved - a change occurs in the way certain genes express themselves in the following generations. 

Going back to the earlier example of stress management - if someone in our family has experienced war or abuse, the genes responsible for managing stress might be fully or partial repressed/suppressed in their children - meaning they cannot manage stress and often struggle with self hatred, mental health issues like chronic pain/fatigue, anxiety, depression - all the things.

So if we want to create a healthier world, a more joyful and peaceful culture, but we ourselves are under the trauma spell that's been in our families for centuries, it can be really hard to create change that lasts. 

Resolving our inherited trauma and healing our ancestry creates an energetic shift at a cellular level that changes the expression of our genes back to their natural, healthy way of being. 

When we heal the issues or challenges we're experiencing back through time and our family lines - we begin harmonizing and reconnecting to health, peace, joy, and freedom.

When we integrate these changes that happen on a DNA level into our bodies, we not only bring peace and health and freedom to ourselves but all the generations to come.

I believe that when we have health spanning back centuries, thousands of years - we have a solid foundation, we have the capacity to become a vessel that carries health and peace out into the world. 

In short: When our ancestors are healthy, when are healthy - the world can heal as well.

Mother Earth can heal because reconnecting to our ancestors reconnects us to our roots, to those who came before us who lived in intimate relationship to the earth, the wind, the sky and the stars. 

Our culture can heal when we lift the collective veil of neglect, betrayal, abuse that's been alive for generations and step into sovereignty, love and freedom. 

We can become the embodied possibilities for all the good things we desire for ourselves, and our world. 

And I'm so here for it!!!

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