Finding the right kind of medicine

Over the last couple of days, I've been thinking a lot about how everything can become medicine for us AND also about how we need the right kind of medicine for a specific kind of pain or wound. 

For the longest time, I was walking around with all of this pain in my heart and my body. I felt defeated and scared, uncertain and lost. Nothing really worked, was sustainable or created the healing I desired in the longterm. Somehow I couldn't find the right medicine for my pain.

When I "stumbled" into this work and discovered all the ways in which Inherited Trauma had been running my life, I realized that of course, the medicine hadn't worked because the medicine I'd been using (all the energy healing tools, alternative medicine, therapy) didn't go back far enough into my family lines, it didn't travel back in time or heal the wounds at their roots. 

Within this work, I found the medicine for most of my pain - for most of the wounds, I'd been carrying. Looking at all of it now, I know that this medicine has been one of the most beautiful things that I've allowed to unfold in my life. That trusting this medicine is one of THE BEST things I've ever done.

Through my work with clients, I keep coming back to the same realization, that so often the pain we carry, the wounds we can't heal (these could express as anything from anxiety, to feeling stuck and lost, to being too overwhelmed to do anything, to never feeling safe or like we belong) - didn't start with us. 

That these wounds, this pain are often decades, if not centuries-old, that started with someone in our family line and have since been passed down for generations. 

What I really want to say with all of this:

This work might be the medicine for you. This work might be the medicine for you if you've been longing to feel a deeper sense of peace, of belonging, of being oh so loved, of moving forward with ease. This work might be the medicine for all the tenderness and loss that your family has experienced and that needs healing. 

Is this work calling you? Let's connect here.