On being more human. Trauma Resolution as mystical work. Somatic practices. Invitations into ritual and ancestral work.

Does it have to be hard?

These weeks at the end of February/beginning of March tend to feel a little tender (in hard ways and in good ways) because there are a lot of grief anniversaries that live in these quiet days between winter and spring and this is also the season when I first found this work (also this Mercury Retrograde is like woah - you too?!).

Looking back at who I was before I found this work brings up so many emotions and so much compassion keeps reaching for my past self. Today, I wanted to share something that I haven't shared anywhere before (at least not publicly). 

Right before this work arrived in my life, I had a huge breakdown. Life felt so heavy and impossible. I was tired, and sad, and depressed. I felt a deep sense of loneliness that nothing seemed to fix. My body felt frozen in time. 

Over the years I had tried all of the healing modalities I could think of - from Reiki, shamanic healing sessions, and bodywork to EFT, NLP and releasing blocks and beliefs with coaches and guides. All of these helped me build capacity and arrive in that moment, they soothed and comforted me in many ways but nothing seemed to create lasting change. 

I was fighting with so many questions: Does it have to be hard? (I learned that it doesn't) Why can't I seem to get unstuck? (Because of the imprints that lived in my lineages) Why is this not changing? (Because I didn't know what kind of medicine this needed).

One day I was at a family gathering and through some miraculous intervention I looked around at my family and all of the sudden things began connecting. I could see our family patterns, stories, traumas with such clarity. I could see the emergency responses that had been passed down from one generation to the next. The trauma spells that kept us from being fully touchable by life, and love and joy (we were all deep in bubble vision).

I had no idea if inherited trauma even existed but I spent the next few days and weeks researching and finding out all that I could about it. I immersed myself in all things ancestral healing and created my own body of work to first and foremost help me heal and resolve the inherited trauma that was running the show. 

The next few weeks were incredibly wild, intense, tender - it felt like breath arrived back in my life as I began doing the work. I used all the energy healing tools I'd gathered over the years, I used my nervous system knowledge and somatic experiencing practices to help anchor in, to integrate what was happening. I used all the research methods to help my mind understand the process on an even deeper level whenever it was needed. 

My life began to change - quietly, surprisingly, and mostly gentle. And it hasn't been the same since. There are still all the human things happening over here but I'm able to lean on and resource the healthy blueprints that have returned to my lineages. I'm not walking alone and I'm so freaking grateful for it all. 

After healing most of my lineages, there was this intuitive sense that I needed to share this with others. Since I've begun sharing it, my life has changed even more (in so many good ways).

Being able to help other womxn heal their inherited trauma is such a deep honor for me, such a joy, such a goosebump experience. I believe in this work. I trust and know that it can change your life (if we're open and ready for it). 

Here's what I want you to know: 

If you're in a tender, intense, scary, stuck, impossible, hard, lonely,  sad, challenging place - you don't have to do this alone. 

If you're longing for MORE - more joy, more love, more laughter, more self-trust - and you know something needs to change - I'm here. I'm ready to go into the wild mystery with you, to heal these deep imprints and wounds that are lingering in your lineages and that are keeping you stuck. 

What's holding you back?

P.S. Want to explore what's possible for you together? This way, please.