Why consent matters more than anything

A couple of days ago I asked on my Instagram, what you might want to know about Inherited Trauma (Resolution) and today I want to talk about something that several people asked about - the necessity of doing this work so that the trauma we inherit won't get passed down even further (thank you for asking this question!!!).

For me, this work is 100% a necessity (not only on an energetic and spirit level, but also in the realm of epigenetics too - want to know more? Just hit reply). Not only because I want to help my ancestors be at peace, but also because I want the next generations who are walking on this earth to feel a deeper sense of peace and belonging as well. I carry a vision in my heart for a healthier, more peaceful way of relating and being together. 

I believe that this work can change our lives in a way that doesn't require the traditional way of "working on ourselves". That this work naturally creates miracles and moves mountains - not only for us but for all of those who came before us, and all those who will come in the following generations (isn't this just all the wild magic). 

I believe that doing this work can open us up to the flow of life, to less forcing, to more receiving. To feeling less alone and a deeper sense of belonging in our bodies and the world without changing anything about ourselves or our circumstances.

I believe that this work brings inner peace and will help us carry that peace out into the world (#goals). 

I also know that many challenges, problems, the "impossible" resolve naturally (without having to force or fix anything about ourselves or our circumstances).

Doing this work doesn't just affect us, it doesn't just improve our lives it also affects the people around us (even those who aren't related to us) as they witness us embodying a new way of being in the world. 

What I also know is that different things work for different people in different seasons of their life. That there's not the one ultimate thing, practice, tool that works for everyone. So this work will not be for everyone. 

I trust that those who are feeling called to this work - who are hearing the whispers - that this work is for them. That they are the ones to end the cycles of family trauma. 

That said, I also want to acknowledge that even when we hear the call of this work, even if we're the "one", we can still refuse the call. We can hear it loud and clear and decide that this is not the season for this work, that we might come back to it later - or never. Just because we're seeing all the signs pointing in this direction, we don't have to go there. 

A big part of healing inherited trauma is to be in consent with ourselves about entering into this work especially because we all carry centuries of nonconsensual everything in our blood and family lines.

Nothing and no one can force us into doing any kind of healing work that we don't want to do. We always have a choice.

(Side note on feeling like there's no other choice - experiencing choicelessness is often a way unresolved trauma shows up, so if this is feeling really present for you it might be worth slowly, gently leaning into this work).

What we might also want to do to see how necessary this work is for our very own lives, is to get really clear and honest about what not doing this work might be costing us and about what doing this work might change in our lives. After getting a sense for both, we can make a decision based on informed consent and in alignment with the "facts" that we know. 

It will still take bravery and a whole lot of trust to begin. It will take being fed up enough (it's like that quote from Elizabeth Gilbert "I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit" - yep, there we go). It will take devotion and love. It will take taking up space in the healing process and getting the support we need.

So maybe the "real" question or task is to just listen for the quiet nudges, the pull on our heartstring, the silent hum in our bellies that is moving us towards the work - and then begin.

With wild trust in the whisper,

X Lisa

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