Co-creating joy for deeper and sweeter healing.

So many times when we're entering a healing space or we have a desire to heal something big, we believe that it has to be hard to a certain degree, because otherwise, it won't work. 

We're ready to go into the dark, to journey into the shadows and go deep. We're ready to peel back more layers of conditioning, of beliefs and harmful behaviors. We're all in. 

I truly believe that being deeply and gently devoted to exploring the depths, the darkness, the shadows, the harm, trauma, and violation is key to creating healing that lasts.

What I also believe is that JOY is an integral part of the healing process. 

Joy brings rest. It brings nourishment. It helps us build capacity to hold all the dark that we might come across.

So how can we co-create joy? 

In the realm of inherited trauma resolution, co-creating joy means co-creating opportunities to play and to experience/reconnect to innocence and wonder that our ancestors maybe never got to feel. 

By co-creating experiences of joy, we're sending vibrations of light, joy, and fun back through time and space to reach our ancestors. 

What this can look like:

Take a moment to connect with your well* ancestors. Maybe send a short blessing up to the cosmos something along the lines of "Beloved well ancestors, I want to co-create joy with you. I'm open to new experiences and am excited for opportunities to become visible.

*your well ancestors are those who are already well, happy, and at peace in spirit. 

After calling on them, be on the lookout (or better yet feel-out) for anything in the realms of joy, childlike play, wonder that's calling you in. Maybe it's dancing wildly through your home, maybe it's doing something creative. Maybe it's walking barefoot on a soft bed of moss, crawling in bed for a day and reading, or giving yourself a bold new hairstyle. 

Whatever sparks a sensation of whole body exhale and joy for you. If you're finding yourself in spontaneous moments of joy, of play and fun, send some of that joy to your well ancestors as a sign of gratitude.

I know that for me this didn't (and sometimes still doesn't) feel easy because I've been so used to things having to be hard in order to work before I began healing the inherited core wounds around joy. 

Getting to experience the healing that happens in joy is joy in itself

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