Caring for yourself is medicine for your ancestors.

A couple of weeks ago as I was connecting with my ancestors, one of them leaned in and said to me: When you care for yourself, you honor me. 

I had known this in my heart and body but hearing it in this specific way, or maybe hearing it from her, felt like a huge relief. I'd been pondering about what to do about something that had been bothering me for a while and hearing her say this, felt so loving - so true, that I knew what to do. 

For much of my life, I walked around feeling intimidated because I didn't reallyknow how and listening to that tiny part of me that thought it was selfish because really caring for myself would take up space (and was that a safe thing for me to do?!).

Through this work and healing the core wounds and imprints around care, around worthiness and mattering, I've gotten really good at truly caring for myself - not just in the superficial ways, but the deep and sometimes even uncomfortable ways of truly, lovingly caring and being devoted to myself. I still go through seasons of my life where caring for myself feels challenging but more often than not there's a certain ease that comes alongside of it. 

Whenever I'm in one of those challenging places, all I have to do is remember this:

Caring for ourselves is...

...medicine for our ancestors. honoring our ancestors. a way of cultivating connection to our ancestors. love embodied. 

Because when we care for ourselves, we (re-)claim that we matter. That all the things our ancestors went through weren't for nothing. That we are acknowledging and celebrating all that they have done for us by caring for ourselves. 

Our self-care extends into the future and reaches back in time. It's a way of blessing what was and what is to come. 

Are you ready to heal the core wounds around mattering, worthiness, and true expression that have been carried from one generation to the next? Is it time to truly care for yourself? Let's do it together.