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Can you soften towards yourself (even just a liiiittle)?

It feels like nothing much has changed - so much is on hold, and uncertain - like every week is a rollercoaster of emotions. And it also feels like so much is shifting - maybe quietly and for now behind closed doors but it's feel-able for a lot of us.

I'm seeing so many of you wanting to feel the earth more deeply, wanting to slow down enough so that you can really hear yourself, wanting to feel more fully and hold yourself more tenderly, wanting to connect in ways that nourish not deplete, wanting to shift big things inside, wanting to love yourself more and find joy in this season of life as well (despite it all).

I've been thinking about all of this a lot - how we're all longing for similar things - for a different way of being that gives you room to be yourself, to explore who you are and want to be, to trust yourself and the mystery that lies ahead with less hesitation. I see you. And I'm with you. 

I've also been thinking a lot about what vision for ourselves and the world might feel the most possible to hold - just for right now. 

Here's what I'm leaning into: A softer world. A world in which all of the above can exist with a liiiiitttleee more ease. All the feelings, the raw human-ness, the joy, the paths to purpose. 

Where do we start without adding, even more, overwhelm to our lives? 

We start with ourselves. With this moment. As I'm typing this - as you're reading this by asking one simple question: Can you soften towards yourself (just a liiiitttllleee, maybe 10% more)? 

Can you soften towards your body? Your heart? Your mind?

Can you soften towards the inner kid that is terrified and confused? 

Can you soften towards the ancient trauma spells that might have awakened during these last couple of weeks? 

Can you soften towards the grief that is tenderly filling your heart? 

Can you soften towards the anger and the frustration and declare it worthy too? 

Can you soften towards the need to control? 

Can you soften towards needing to take in more and more information with the promise of feeling safe? 

Can you soften towards the dried up creativity that may be quietly laying dormant at the moment? 

Can you soften towards the parts of you that you judge so harshly? 

Can you soften towards the big questions that are alive in your heart right now?

Can you soften - just a liiitttle?

Can you soften not for the sake of it making you more productive, or “better” or more open but for the sake of holding yourself just a little more tenderly.

What happens in softness - the breath flows more freely. Our nervous system releases the “idea” of threat. Our bodies reclaim a state of receptivity and openness to possibility. Our heart stops aching and begins feeling. Our minds let go (little by little) of the need to control everything.

The softer we can hold ourselves the more space there is, the more capacity lives in our bodies and our hearts and our nervous systems to be able to hold and integrate the healing we desire.

Do you need support softening towards yourself? I'd love to support you here.

Holding this vision together. X