To help you feel less alone and soothe the ache of belonging by connection to your lineage elders.

In this one-off session, we will co-create an energetic journey (also known as journeywork) where you'll meet one of your lineage elders. Your lineage elders, or ancestral guides, are well ancestors who are ready to support you, to care for you, and to share their mystical medicine with you. 

Meeting your lineage elders can re-establish a sense of deep belonging - a home coming - to yourself and those you came from. Oftentimes there's a sense of relief of knowing (really knowing) our ancestors.


During our time together, we will also hold space for the gifts of this lineage to reveal themself to you so that you can feel empowered and recognized in the wise possibilities that are alive within you. We will journey with the intention of building a strong, loving foundation from which your connection to your elder can grow organically.

You'll also receive a couple of possible rituals and practices to integrate and deepen the connection you're starting to nurture.

Please note: If you're feeling disconnected from your ability to "see" or are struggling with trusting yourself and the visions and imagery you might receive, please contact me first to talk about whether this is for you at this time of your life. There's no shame in this, as imprints of trauma often affect our ability to journey.

Duration: 90 minutes

Sliding Scale Pricing: $88-$133

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