Your future self is inviting you in.

Now is your time, bright soul!

Have you been feeling deeply stuck in a loop of more of the same - over and over again? Like nothing is creating lasting change or relief? Like no matter how much time, care and effort you invest, it doesn't change?

Have you been feeling like you're under a spell, that there's something running your life that you can't quite put your finger on?


Have you been feeling that some of your problems, your anxieties, challenges feel out of proportion to the experiences you've had in this lifetime?​


Then this is for you because I know that...

...not all behaviors actually originate from us. Not all of our core fears, challenges, pains belong to us. Not all our traumas began with us (even if we've experienced violations and personal trauma in this lifetime).


 What I also know is that trauma, pain, and suffering repeat themselves through generations, centuries and lifetimes until they are listened to, resolved and healed.

We need holistic alchemy in order to heal.

The container of this work provides a safe, sacred space where science (that includes epigenetics, the brain, our energy systems), bodywork (that respects and works with the nervous system) and magic (that connects the dots and heals the broken links in our lineages) meet.


Each person who commits to doing this work with me receives deeply personalized care. Heart to heart.

Because you matter. Your story matters. The stories of your ancestors matter. Your healing matters.

We begin with a free 40-minute connection call


I care deeply about you getting the most aligned care for where you are and receiving the support that you need in order to heal. I also care that the womxn who sign up to work with me are right-fit clients for me. 


If we decide to work together, I offer sliding scales for my coaching packages.


We begin the work with a 2-hour intake session on Zoom. During these two hours, we'll go deep so that we can co-create your personalized healing map.


After our initial intake session, you’ll receive a personalized healing map - an outline of the specific skills or practices you might want or need to develop in order to grow and move towards your desired state of being as well as an outline for tending and reconnecting to those who came before you.


We then move into bi-weekly 90-minute sessions where we go deep, where we walk softly in tender inquiry, where we heal, resolve and repair what needs it.


Where we love on you and those who came before you. Where you'll receive greater context around all things trauma, inherited or personal so that your mind can be truly on board.


Where you'll receive rituals and practices to soothe the wounds of your ancestors. Where you'll find new ways to trust yourself, your body included. 

How we work together

What's included

+ 1 2-hour intake session

+ A personal healing program

+ 12 90-minute sessions (via zoom, or Skype) 

+ Soft and gentle “homework” 

+ Email or text support via my personal number

Each session, you’ll walk away feeling more aligned with your body and heart, feeling more trusting and capable of navigating and moving towards what you truly desire. 

Sliding Scale Pricing:


Option 1: $350/month for 6 months (Total: $2100)

Option 2: $450/month for 6 months (Total: $2700)

Option 3: $550/month for 6 months (Total: $3300)

(all prices are in USD. VAT not included)

Let's feel this out together. ​

Book your free connection call.

What you can expect when working with me:

+ 100% Confidentiality and professionalism

+ Love, emotional affirmation and empathetic witnessing

+ Compassion and zero judgement about anything you share during our work together

+ Opportunities to embrace and embody new found freedom in doable ways

+ Deep belief that you’re whole, worthy, healed

+ Insightful context around grief, trauma, and healing

+ Grounded structure and a pace that aligns with you

+ SO much magic, practices, and rituals

+ Deep respect for all of you

+ No pushing, forcing or fixing

+ womxn who are hearing the call to this work in their hearts, bodies, and minds

+ womxn who are ready to lean in, dive deep and experience sustainable healing

+ womxn who know that they can’t put off this work any longer - there’s too much magic, wildness, aliveness stuck inside of them waiting to be embodied and expressed


+ womxn who feel connected to a higher power (Source, Spirit, Universe, God, Goddess)


+ womxn who struggle with worthiness and mattering

Who is a good fit?

Who is not a good fit?

+ womxn who want to push or force their healing to happen


+ womxn who don’t have the capacity in their lives to commit to 6 months of working together


+ womxn who do not believe in a higher power


+ womxn who are not willing to lean in, be curious and explore how they might truly heal


+ womxn who aren’t interested in sustainable healing and want more of a band-aid/quick fix approach

Let's feel this out together. ​

During a free Connection Call,  we'll get to know each other and feel into whether we're a good fit. I'll share more specifics about the journey we might take together. This is also the space where you'll have the chance to ask any questions you might have about our possible work together. 

Book your free connection call below.

Love from clients


Deciding to sign up to work with Lisa was straight up one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is a true healer and a hilarious and effective guide when you are facing challenges and it feels like no one else could ever understand you. 


I feel like I can be completely myself with Lisa, and in fact, it's in our work that I felt safe enough to share things I have never shared with anyone. And believe me, I share pretty much everything with anyone. Lisa has got a presence to her that allows us to feel instantly loved and comfortable. She makes me feel unconditionally accepted, reminds me I'm not broken and teaches me that grief was actually an invitation to reclaim who I truly am. It wasn't here to ruin my life, but actually, give it back to me. I look forward to our sessions together each time it's coming up on my calendar. I couldn't recommend her more as a coach, and I would say this is one of the best ways to invest your money as well as your time. Skip all the other practitioners and go straight to Lisa. That's what I wish I had done and I'm so glad I eventually found her. She's the best! Hands down.


P.S. She also wrote the most beautiful post about what our work together has been like here


Deciding to work with Lisa has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Her gentleness, guidance + compassion throughout my journey into ancestral healing has made me feel safe and protected. I can't speak highly enough of her work and the deep impact it has had on me. The safe space she creates is the ultimate place necessary for healing these deep wounds

Her work is unlike any other I've experienced and has allowed me to not only undergo a deep transformation but to have a relationship with my ancestors and living family that I never thought possible. 

I am forever grateful for Lisa and the impact her work has had on me. Do yourself a favor and invest in this work you won't regret it.

P.S. She also shared how our work has helped her heal her Endometriosis here.


Lisa has such a kind and compassionate disposition; I knew I was in good hands from the first time I spoke with her. She is wise, professional, intuitive, and incredibly knowledgeable about trauma and somatic healing. She met me wherever I was each session, never judging me, but instead holding space for all of what needed to come out and the pace I needed to go.


I’m so grateful for the work I did with Lisa. She instilled so much hope in me and gave me so many tools to help me on my healing journey. I can’t recommend her enough if you’re needing support on your own healing journey. 

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