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I'm really excited to share these free resources with you. 

Does your Inherited Trauma need tending to?

I created a free mini-guide to help you learn more about what inherited trauma really is, how it might be showing up and manifesting in your life and what to do if this feels true for you.


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Ways To Connect To Your Ancestors During Times Of Uncertainty (+ Crisis)

I made this little guide to help you access your ancestors' support. I share four small, and hopefully doable rituals and practices with you to make you feel less alone.


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An Ancestor Ritual For Honoring Big Events + Life Transformations 

This beautiful ritual dropped in when I was in quiet communing with my ancestors one day. It's a ritual for creating a circle of protection. Of honoring and celebration around you.


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All the feels playlists to move (with) you

I love curating good music for different feelings and states of being.


Feeling numb, tender, or wild?

Need some tunes for your New Moon Celebration or your Full Moon Celebration?

Want to surrender or release? I've got you.

Helpful Definitions

Inherited Trauma Definition


It’s a violation, core wound, a trauma that happened to one of our ancestors and was passed down to us for x generations and that we might now be experiencing in our own lives as challenges, feelings of things being impossible, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression or other in "problems" that aren’t budging no matter what. 


Well Ancestors


OUr well ancestors are those that are already well in Spirit. Meaning they are healthy, vibrant and at peace. They have either resolved their trauma or have not experienced any in their lifetime. These are the kinds of ancestors we want to turn to and communicate with when we begin this work. These are the kind of ancestors who are ready and excited to support us and who have enough resources themselves to hold us in our healing process.


Ancestor Altar


An ancestor altar is a space that we declare sacred in connection to our ancestors. This might be a set place in our home that we tend to, it might be a single candle that you anoint as the ancestor candle. Honoring your ancestors through an altar or sacred space can look whatever you want it to look like. I like to honor mine through fresh water, food, candles, and flowers. Allow your altar to change as the work changes.




To me, anything can become medicine. The words that feel like balm for the soul, journey work that reconnects us to deep inner self-trust, repairs that are being made through time and space that bring a sense of safety and peace with them. Medicine lives within us and all around us - all we have to do is trust our curious spirits and intuitive nudges and lean in.



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