Readings + Sessions FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Can I record my reading? Should I take notes?

If we meet on Zoom I will record our session and send it to you afterwards. If we're meeting on Skype, you can record our session using your smartphone. I also recommend having pen and paper ready, to jot down some notes. It's nice to reflect back on the reading and see what felt most important during our live call.

How does it work? What's the process like for Zoom readings?

​Prior to your reading, I’ll spend a few minutes tuning into the energy and guidance that will be showing up for you during your reading. I'll meet you on Zoom or Skype and will guide us through a short grounding practice to help us get really present and grounded before we begin. ​

What if I get overcome by emotions?

I create a safe space and judgement free zone during each reading. It is a totally safe space for you to be you, to dive into the feelings that show up and to allow yourself to feel them (your sadness, anger, resentment and old disappointments that might come up but also feelings of relief, joy and excitement - there's room for all of them). It's a space where kindness, dearest compassion and gentle guidance live and breathe. ​

What's Zoom? Can we use Skype instead?

Zoom is a video call software that allows me to record our session. If you don't want to be recorded or don't have Zoom (it's free - you can download it at zoom.us) we can meet on Skype - please leave a note at check out. Thank you!

Can you predict the future?

Even though it can happen that I see visions/images of your future, these readings focus on the here and now and the different influences and energies that are surrounding you. What you can ask about is how you can get closer to for example meeting the love of your life and what is blocking it flowing to you, etc.

What is an energy reading?

As part of the card reading you'll also receive an energy reading. For as long as I can remember I've been able to see people's auras and their energy fields. Having a look at your energy during a reading can help us determine what ritual/practical magic might be most useful for you during this season of your life.

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