You want to be held in a deeply compassionate space where you can be free - fully human and real.


You want to experience a mystical, radically trusting container that can safely carry you as you heal the deepest wounds. 

You want to feel like you truly belong -with yourself, others, and in the world.

You want to grow into your own medicine and become embodied sovereignty and Love.

You've come to the right place.

Together, we resolve and repair the inherited and personal trauma spells that have been running your life through somatic body work and nervous system care, journeywork and ritual, through trauma context and science.

I deeply believe that healing is not about fixing but about restoring connection to the health that has been living in you and your lineages all along.

Below you can find a few different ways we can currently work together. Choose your own adventure.

I can't wait to meet you.

Healing Immersion

6 month 1:1 immersion program to heal, resolve and repair the inherited imprints that are holding you back.


For those who want to experience deep healing and lasting shifts.

Introductory Sessions

Two 90-minute sessions to create a stable, safe foundation for this work. 


For those who are ready to begin but aren't able to commit to an immersive experience at this time. 

Somatic Care Sessions

60-minute one-off sessions to help your body attune to safety and joy through working with the nervous system and the energy body. 

For those who are looking to support their bodies during this time.


45-minute one-off conversation to ask me anything. To "pick my brain" and get a feel for this work.

For those who are curious and have lots of questions about this work.

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